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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Questions:

Do you install solar?

Yes, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can provide a quote at no charge to you.

Can you claim the rebates for solar?

Yes, we claim the government STC’s making the solar system cheaper for you.

What is a solar feed-in-tariff?

A feed-in-tariff is the amount of money (cents per kilowatt hour) your electricity retailer will pay to you for electricity that your system has generated and has not been used, therefore it is fed back into the grid.

Can off-grid solar/ battery systems fill an entire household needs?

Yes it can. The size of the off-grid system is determined by the household requirements.

Do you have finance options?

Currently we do not have finance options.

General Electrical:

Do you use energy saving products?

We aim to use products which save energy, have decent warranties and provide the best solution for the task at hand. We discuss your specific needs and requirements to find the best solutions for your electrical work.

Is LED a viable option for lighting?

Yes it is! Prices have decreased dramatically on LED light fittings over recent times which has made them comparable to older technology fittings such as floodlights, downlights and fluorescent battens but provide a much greater energy saving.

Do you do quotes for your electrical work? 

Yes, we can quote electrical work for you. If it is a small job we can give you an estimate – this minimises the administration time and the cost to you. 

How long will it take for my job to be done?

We aim to get your job done as soon an electrician becomes available. In our industry, we often have high priority jobs which place people’s safety at risk so these need to be tended to immediately. We must prioritise jobs accordingly.

Thanks for reading, please reach out to us via phone or email if you have further questions